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Welcome to Regenco

Since the early days of human civilization, people have met their energy needs from renewable sources be it from the sun, wind, biomass or water. It was not until the industrial revolution in the 1800s that humankind tapped the non-renewable source of energy we know today as fossil fuels, initially through the mining of coal and later, with the invention of the internal combustion engine, oil, which has since become our largest source of energy.

Only recently have we come to realize that such gargantuan use of oil resulted in producing emissions, known as greenhouse gases. Furthermore, the geo-political imperative to increase energy security and diversity as well as the development of indigenous sources of energy has become of primordial importance for all economies in a quickly developing world.

In this context, renewable energy investments have seen a massive increase on the global scale and renewables have become a mature energy resource able to commercially and economically compete with other major energy sources worldwide.

In the years to come, renewable energy is likely to continue to offer major opportunities to companies and investors who understand the importance of catching this major momentum in energy business's modern history.